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The Strategy

CLC is The Church of Jesus Christ who obeying The Great Commission

"Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen".

So, the strategy has been set up effectively to develop congregation's spiritual life and move them for fulfilling the Great Commission
  • Mobilise the congregation rather than employing the full timers
  • Develop the congregation to grow in spirit
  • Create a "ministry system" that effectively suits their needs in each level and age
  • Involve them to the ministry and train them to be skillful in ministry
  • Send them out to the mission fields

The Ministry

CLC is applying a "simple" ministry system. The system should be effective to develop congregation's spiritual lives:
  • With specific ministry upon each level and age
  • To achieve measurable spiritual target that necessary for each level to grow to the "next" level as more "mature" and responsible church members
  • To involve them in church ministry complying with their calling, talents and God’s gifts
  • To mobilise them in synergy for fulfilling the vision-mission of the church

How to do the system?

  • The congregation are asked to fill in a questionnaire for identifying their level. They are classified into 3 levels
  • The purpose of this classification is to give effective and specific ministries to each level complying with their spiritual needs
  • Then some measurable spiritual targets of each level should be achieved in order to grow to the next level
  • Each level of congregation will be involved into ministries and mission works complying with their spiritual growth

The classification

CLC is The Church of Love & Compassion who
  • Reaching the un-reachable
  • Touching the un-touchable
  • Loving the un-lovable

1st Level of CLC
C = Christ is personal saviour

  • Regardless any spiritual background of the congregation, they will be served up until they know Jesus Christ as personal saviour.
  • The targets of this level:
    • Salvation of the congregation by the grace of God
    • Transformation of the congregation to become "born again Christians"
    • Understand basic Christianity principles to become responsible church members

2nd Level of CLC
L = Love God, Love The Church

  • The congregation should be disciples that able to practice their love to God by serving His church
  • The targets of this level:
    • Involvement of the congregation in at least ONE church ministry (may be more) complying with their talents, gifts and God's calling

3rd Level of CLC
C = Compassion to the world

  • The maturity of the congregation’s love to God should be developed not only to the church but also to the world.
  • They have to fulfill God’s highest calling in their lives by reaching out the world for Jesus (to do God's mission)
  • The targets of this level:
    • Equiping and training the congregation in theology, leadership and ministry skill training
    • Sending out ONE congregation to bring ONE person in ONE year to the church (1-1-1 mission project)
    • Helping and preparing the congregation to fulfill God's highest calling in their lives as evangelist, missionary, preacher, leaders, etc