Victory by the Word of God
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Preacher: Ps. Agus Rahardja
Date: 14 November 2010
Online Sermon this week: Nowadays, there are a lot of Christians who like to talk about theology such as the God Trinity, the End of the World, etc, however they lack of doing the essential and simple Words of God, such as Quiet Time, Praying and Bible Study. It is a no-wonder that churches tend to talk about miracles and material blessings rathern than spiritual blessings which can be obtained in obedience in doing the Word of God. 

In other words, there are many Christians who know the Word of God, but only very few of them are committed to do it. This is because they dont understand the benin obedience in doing the Word of God. 

How does the Word of God work in the life of the believers? How far does the Word of God work and bless them who commit to do it? What will happen to the believers who are committed daily to do the Word of God in his life? 

Do not miss this dynamic sermon. Ensure life and blessings flowing in your life will experience amazing change according to the powerful Word of God that you do.